Political Congo, Kangaroo Court, Legal Limbo, Banana Republic

For thousands of years they have always been there to take credit (did you see what they gave?),
always there to assign blame (nobody knows who started it),
always there to report the scene the way it was planned,
never the ones who caused the problems.

They claim there is no "3, 2, 1, go now" system.
They claim there is no "next in line" waiting.
They claim they do not eavesdrop with microphones.
They claim they do not operate in groups.
They claim there are absolutely no managing and coordinating systems.
They claim to be innocently minding their own business.
Mozilla calls them "throbbers".
"Did you see what they gave?" and "nobody knows".

They are always there creating the event and making things happen,
they are never responsible for the disasters and catastrophes.

They claim that it is not stalking.

They claim so many things.
Their mouths are full of so much crap.
This is who they are.
This is what they do.

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